Simplex 2008

We keep on making your life simple ....

The SIMPLEX programme for 2008  (a programme for administrative and regulatory simplification) was disclosed on 8 February at Centro Cultural de Belém. The ceremony was presided by Prime Minister José Sócrates and had the participation of the Minister for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Silva Pereira, and of the Secretary of State for Administrative Modernisation, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques.

In all, 180 measures will be adopted to simplify the lives of citizens and businesses. This year, SIMPLEX was structured around essential interactions between citizens and public administration (in health care, education, in obtaining documents, mobility, etc…) and key moments in companies’ life-cycle (establishment, licensing, applying for patents, mergers and divisions, imports and exports, winding-up, etc.). Priorities for 2008 include the simplification of specific licensing procedures (health care, education, etc.), building on what was already achieved for industrial and tourism licensing.

The measures being proposed for 2008 are, once more, the outcome of a collaborative effort between all ministries and their departments. As in 2007, they have integrated the contributions of individual citizens, companies and their associations that used the public consultation period to put forward comments and suggestions. The number of contributions almost trebled (775) with respect to last year, and more than 60 suggestions were taken on board in the new programme.